Chuck The Chunk – Week 5 Update – Setback Week

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hi, CtCers. This week has been what I would consider to be a setback week. This the the first week since Chuck The Chunk started that I have actually gained weight. I gained one pound this week, which puts me at 7 pounds lost total out of my 20 pound goal. It’s been a weird and stressful 7 days. I spent several days on the road with my wife, who is on a mini book tour, signing her first book and doing workshops in 5 different bookstores around Maine, with more bookings for future signings. At one bookstore, I ordered fancy coffee at the cafe, and the barista said to the other, “He’s with the author, he’s all set.” It was so strange, but way cool at the same time. While it’s really cool to travel with her, it means a lot of eating on the road, in coffee shops,… read more

Yahoo! Weather App For Android (Review) – Easy And Beautiful

Yahoo! Weather app for Android

I have generally not been a fan of weather apps. I’ve used the app once in a while, and always ended up uninstalling it because I was not happy with the interface or the laggy response of the user interface. The new Yahoo! Weather app for Android devices changes things up a bit, though, and I’m keeping this one. I tested Yahoo! Weather on my Samsung Stratosphere II Android smartphone and a 7-inch Android tablet (Kindle Fire modded with custom bootloader, recovery, Google services and Go launcher). The Yahoo! Weather app, free in the Google Play store, is very easy to use and equally easy on the eyes. A lot of information is available on a single screen, which is really a nice change from apps which you have to click through multiple screens to find what you need.   Simply by swiping down on the main screen, you… read more

Kids Quotes – They Do Say Some Weird Stuff

Cute kid quotes quotation marks

Kids quotes – they can be cute, seemingly random, and sometimes just plain weird. This is a fun little post that is a collection of conversations with my kids. They are great examples of the cute, random, funny, gross, and maybe even creepy things kids say. For context, J is our 11 year old boy, who happens to be on the autism spectrum (might put some quotes into perspective), and B is our 3 year old boy. M is our 17 year old girl, but usually does not say much these days (teenagers, right?) The Cute And Random Sitting in the van after getting J (at 4 years old) a way too short haircut: J: “Great, just two bald guys sitting in a minivan.“ A Very They Might Be Giants Moment (while playing with his trucks): B: “The lips truck needs gas to go deliver new lips to everyone so… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 4 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hello, fellow CtCers! I’m down 1 more pound this week for a total of 8 pounds since the start of Chuck The Chunk. I have not eaten as well as I could have this week, and have not been as active as I should. Part of the challenge of exercise for me is being an autism parent. The need for routine works affects my exercise, and it actually should work to my advantage in the coming months. I’ll explain. My step son, J, who I usually refer to as my son except when explaining the summer situation, has high functioning autism. He spends most of his summer at his biological father’s house and then spends the weekends with us. It’s much easier to slack off in terms of exercise when J is not with us. That’s my responsibility. I’d rather spend time with my wife than my elliptical. However, during… read more

Plink – Chili’s (EXCLUSIVE) – Too Good To Pass UP

Plink - Chili's Private Offer

Plink – Chili’s (EXCLUSIVE) A deal too good to pass up… Private offer for new members only! Sign up for Plink today, make any purchase at Chili’s by Sunday, 9/1 11:59 EST, and we’ll give you 1,000 Plink Points – enough to redeem for a $10 Gift Card of your choice at places like, iTunes, Target, Walmart, Kohls, Starbucks and more! And, it’s easy… Just 1-2-3: Register your card. Dine at Chili’s Earn case and rewards like: Plink Rewards     Terms: New Plink members only, one sign-up bonus per person Plink Member must link a credit or debit card and makes any purchase at Chili’s by Sunday, 9/1 11:59 EST. Purchase is necessary (after the member links a credit/debit card to their Plink account) to qualify for the bonus 1,000 Plink Points by Sunday, 9/1 11:59 EST Bonus 1,000 Plink Points will be awarded within 7 business days… read more

Roku HD Streaming Media Player – Review

Roku HD streaming media player and Roku remote

In my quest to find a way to save money by ditching our satellite provider, I did a little research and the Roku HD seemed like a nice solution. What I did not realize until I unpacked it, though, was how fantastically simple the Roku HD is to set up and use. There were six steps in the Roku setup, and literally half of those were just connecting the cables. What Is The Roku HD? The Roku HD is a streaming media player. The Roku devices allow you to take advantage of subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, among others, and stream the video and audio to a television set rather than a computer or mobile device. It features a number of Roku channels that are used to access audio and video media over a broadband connection. Not so long ago, streamed video was viewed on a laptop… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 3 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Howdy CtC folks! As of the week 3 check in, this week the Chuck The Chunk weight loss challenge has yielded me a whopping 1 pound loss. A small loss is still a loss, I know, but it’s a bit disappointing after a six pound loss in the first week. I wonder how normal it is to see bigger initial losses and smaller ones in subsequent weeks? Anyway, as of today I’m 35 percent there to meeting my goal. Let’s see if I can overshoot it! I have made a few small changes this week that will hopefully lead to better overall health and weight loss in the future. Casual Exercise I have started using my elliptical trainer more. It’s really hard to find the time for good workouts right now due to family dynamics, but once school starts, I have some workout time built into my daily routine. Until… read more

Go PLAE – PLAE shoes review | Cool shoes, good for developing feet

Plae shoes ty style boys shoes with custom tabs

GoPlae My wife Amanda went to BlogHer and I did get more than a lousy tee shirt. She had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Spier, co-founder of upstart PLAE, Inc. PLAE creates shoes for kids that are cool, sturdy, engineered to adapt to your child’s developing feet, and customizable. Amanda could not stop raving about them, and now I can see why. These are simply the most awesome kids’ shoes ever. And now you can have them, too. Keep reading for an offer to save 20% on everything (not including gift cards) from now through September 2, 2013. PLAE very generously provided us with two pairs of boys’ shoes for our youngest kid to try out. We were so impressed, and so was B, our three year old. So impressed, in fact, he does not want to take them off. The PLAE shoes are light and flexible, and very sturdy…. read more