Chuck The Chunk – Week 8 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hello, folks. Very short post this week. It’s been crazy with back to school and all and there has not been much progress on the weight loss front. I’m holding steady with no loss and no gain this week. Exercise has been better, diet has suffered a bit. No photos for this update — no point. In other news, I’m changing my RSVP status to Dad 2.0 Summit 2014 from a solid “probably” to a definite “probably not.” There is a chance that my wife and I might be able to get away together for our anniversary and that takes priority over Dad 2.0 as far as the checkbook is concerned. I’d love to meet a lot of the dad bloggers, but it’s just not in the cards this year. Maybe 2015. Until next week. See ya. Related Posts:Chuck The Chunk – Week 7 Update – Holding SteadyChuck the Chunk… read more

Diaper Drive For Quintuplets In Utah – Help A Family Out

I know that there a lot of parents of multiples out there, and I’ve met a few on the daddy blogger forums. Can you imagine, though, having quintuplets? That’s a lot of diaper changes, and with those diaper changes comes a hefty expense: lots and lots of diapers. A family in Utah recently had quintuplets and are up against just that. Super Mom Tested is organizing a diaper drive for the family, occurring on Saturday September 21, with the aim to collect a year’s worth of diapers for the 5 adorable little quints. There is also a PayPal link that non-locals can use to donate money toward diapers and other baby expenses. Head on over to the Super Mom Tested Diaper Drive page for the details and give what you can. Even the amount of one box of diapers adds up fast when everyone chips in. It’s a great cause…. read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 7 Update – Holding Steady

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hey, guys. This week I’d definitely put myself in the “Chunker” category as opposed to the “Chucker” variety. Good news is: I’m holding steady and standing by to get back on track. I broke even this week, seeing not weight loss but no gain either. It’s a small, albeit positive change from the last two weeks. This has been a busy week, with all three of my kids going back to school. And that’s been really full of stress for different reasons. Two of our kids have some special needs. J has Asperger Syndrome and B has some sensory integration problems and a movement disorder. Our oldest is a senior and all the things that come with finishing high school are becoming very real for her and my wife and I. There is college applications, scholarship research, college tour plans, budgeting application fees, etc. I’ve been cracking under the stress… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 6 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Fitness challenge has been the operative phrase this week, folks. And not challenge as in competition, but challenge as in obstacle. This week marks the second in a row where I’ve gained instead of lost. I gained two pounds this week. The reasons why are plain. It all comes down to willpower, and lately mine has been pretty poor. I have not been eating that well, and it’s been hard to avoid the temptation of the junk food that is in the house. I know that when you are trying to get fit and healthier, the consensus is to avoid buying the junk food that creates the temptation in the first place. I would find that very easy, except that most of the other people who live in my household are not actively trying to eat better and are not interested in changing their diets at this time. It makes… read more