Walt Disney World Guest Assistance For Disabled Has Been Ruined

guest assistance card

It’s going to be a lot harder to enjoy Walt Disney World the next time we can manage to get the kids there. We have two kids with special needs, and Disney has just announced that it will no longer offer the guest assistance program that helped many park visitors who have disabilities get on to attractions there. The reason: wealthy parents who hired disabled “tour guides” (at a very high price) in order to skip lines. The program used to try to provide a more comfortable, quieter, or alternate entrance to the attraction for guests with a disability that would make it hard to wait in line. Most attractions don’t have such a place, so guests with a pass are usually asked to use the FastPass line instead. The result is usually a shorter wait time for that guest and his or her party. We have two kids who… read more

Dad 2.0 And Changes To My Happy SAHD Life

I am very sorry to say that I will not be going to Dad 2.0 Summit 2014 in New Orleans this coming January. I have gotten to know a lot of dad bloggers a bit through Facebook, and I would love to hang with them in person, but I don’t think the workshops align with my blog style and I can’t justify the expense. I kind of hate the “brand” concept, and courting them for sponsorship is not what I want to be doing right now. Maybe I will catch a few of the other bloggers at a different dad conference in the future. I will continue to display ads on the site. I know I won’t make a living from blogging, but I might make enough to offset hosting if I get the traffic to support it. I will not be aggressively posting affiliate links of any kind. Maine’s… read more

Disneysick in Maine – I Want To Go Back

Walt Disney World Epcot Center

Disneysick [Diz-nee-sik]. It’s a real thing, with doctors and medicine and stuff. Well, at least in our household. It’s a word my family invented to describe how much we really miss Walt Disney World on a regular basis. With winter rapidly approaching, we are feeling it in our bones. Let me just start by saying that I live in one of the coldest states in the continental U.S. — Maine. I can understand why people retire in Florida. The summers are short in Maine and the weather is pretty unpredictable. Our trips to Disney World have been a very welcome change from our chilly-by-comparison climate. No other place has made a family vacation feel so truly magical, to use their word. It’s true, though. We don’t have to worry about meals or transportation, and the cast members are, for the most part, really friendly and make you feel at home…. read more