What my kids have learned from They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants Here Come The 123s album cover

In 1991, I discovered They Might Be Giants. The album Flood had been released one year prior, and I was hooked after the first listen. More than 20 years later, my kids are now TMBG fans. Being a stay at home dad, I spend a lot of time in the car being taxi driver and running errands. So we listen to a lot of They Might Be Giants. Here are a few things my children have learned from listening to this great duo. My 4 year old and I work on identifying instruments playing on a particular track. He’s gotten very good at it. He can pick out acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, tuba, and banjo. We are working on others. It’s great for kids to learn this. It’s a skill that will serve them well later on. Pine trees are conifers. Again, my 4 year old has… read more