Music Monday Review: Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam “Everyone’s Invited” – Not just Raffi Rocking Out

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam Everyones Invited album cover

Not just Raffi rocking out Last week, I won a giveaway iTunes copy of Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam’s latest album Everyone’s Invited!. After three listens through with my four year old, my overall impression of Everyone’s Invited! is that is is at the core a great rock album for kids. The rock base differs, in my opinion, than children’s records that are recorded with backing tracks in a rock style. It’s not just Raffi rocking out. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Raffi. I love his world style and my kid loves his music. But he also likes smarter, more modern kid-based music like the great albums done by They Might Be Giants, and Everyone’s Invited appealed to us in some of the same ways. I just get the impression that Jason Didner and his band are rock musicians first and foremost, and great kids’ music… read more

Music Monday Artist To Watch – Jason J Carey

rebirth by jason j carey album cover

I’m devoting this Music Monday entry to introducing you all to a great Maine musician that you need to check out if you like smart and sophisticated songwriting, acoustic music, or are a fan of great guitar playing. Jason J Carey is a friend of mine and one of my guitar heroes. We grew up in adjacent towns here in Maine, and our bands in high school often played the same locations. I’d always watch Jason when I had the chance, frequently trying to learn from his style. Years later, Jason has reinvented his sound and really come into his own with a fantastic solo album, Rebirth, which is available on iTunes. Jason categorizes his songs as simply “Maine music”, which is appropriate, since you can’t really put a label on his style. Songs range from folksy to country, rock, and acoustic music that I can’t really come up with… read more