Music Monday – Home Recording Hack – Rough Mixes Without Monitors

Alesis M1 Active Mk2 near field monitors

On this Music Monday, I cover a home recording hack that I use out of necessity: I do my rough mixes without reference monitors. The reason: I don’t have any. When I was in school at the University of Maine at Augusta and in my audio engineering studies, we had a nice set of monitors in the control room. We also had the smaller and less-good monitors closer to the mixing console. Some called them the “crummy monitors”. To some they were the “shitty speakers”. I called them the “real speakers”. These “real speakers” were small and of much lower quality than the main monitors, and even than the reference monitors in the live room. They were not junk, but sounded more like your typical home audio setup or good quality car speakers. I used these to mix on more often than not. The problem with getting good mixes using… read more