Search engine fun – Weird search terms that found my dad blog

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A fun thing I like to do when I check my blog stats *cough* times per day is look at the search engine queries people give to search engines and ultimately end up at my site. Today, I looked back at all the search engine terms readers have used to find articles on this happy little dad blog. Most are straightforward. Some are just plain weird. The Cute and the Creepy A while back I wrote a post on the weird, cute, and sometimes creepy things my kids say. A collection of kid quotes, you might say. As I was writing the post, I thought it a bit weird to have “cute” and “creepy” in the same piece, but it worked so I went with it. Turns out, a lot of people want cute and creepy in one neat package.  Check out these search engine terms that led readers to… read more

It’s 2014, Why Don’t PR People Know? – Guest Post by Jennifer Kyrnin

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I am a mom of a Kindergartner, and he’s a great kid. And one thing I learned in this first year of formal schooling is that there is a lot to keep track of. I have to remember if Monday is PE day or music day, what days I volunteer at the school, whether he has his library book in his backpack or not, and all the little details that come from being a parent of a school-aged kid. So when I learned of a new app that might be able to help with all that I was intrigued. I mean, who wouldn’t want things like: Calendar to schedule all family events Email your lists to share your to dos to family members and others Organize your to-dos, manage and sync to your calendar so that you have peace of mind Access your to-do list anytime and anywhere from your… read more

Geocaching With Your Kids – Have An Outdoor Adventure

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Geocaching Let’s face it. Most stay at home parents are always looking for fun things to do with their kids. It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same activity again and again because it’s easy or inexpensive. My current rut is taking my littlest guy to The Maine Jump, one of those indoor spaces with lots of bounce houses, slides, and climbing walls. It is cheap (or was – they just raised their prices) and good for him to bounce for hours and socialize with other kids. The only problem is that now it’s BORING. I think it’s time to revert to an old hobby of mine that can be made new again: geocaching. Geocaching is not new. It’s been around for a while, and although the word “geocaching” is a general term for the sport,, the official site, is trademarked by Groundspeak, Inc…. read more

I’m A Fat Guy With A Bald Head

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I need to get into shape. When I was nineteen, I was ripped. I did a lot of manual labor, lifted weights, and got lots of cardio. Now I’m a fat guy with a bald head. Well, maybe not fat, but my spare tire is rather prominent. I won’t pretend that I will ever be in my nineteen-year-old-shape again, but I’ve really got to get healthier. I have crappy willpower when it comes to food and exercise. I’m pre-diabetic and I have a dietary plan, but it does not mesh well with the rest of the family’s eating habits, so it’s hard to stick to. It’s easier for me when I have a fitness and diet buddy, or when there is some competition involved. Competition Is Good Men are competitive by nature. Perhaps women are, too, but men will compete over the stupidest things. I’m reminded of the episode of… read more

570 Channels and Nothing On

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Seriously. When we started looking at our budget and figuring out what we really needed and what could go, the first thing we set our sights on was our satellite provider. My wife and I watch 2 or 3 shows (several of them network programs), and the rest of our time in front of the tube is spent on entire series that we have on DVD or stream via Netflix. Our two boys watch PBS mostly. The only one who actually used the satellite was our teenage daughter. That’s a whole stack of money for a whole pile of nothing. Since the cable and satellite companies don’t offer an a la carte option, we began looking at alternatives. Netflix, which we already had, was only $7.99 a month. A Hulu Plus subscription was about the same. And Amazon Prime was only $79.00 a year. So averaged out, all three services… read more