Chuck The Chunk – Week 3 Update

Howdy CtC folks! As of the week 3 check in, this week the Chuck The Chunk weight loss challenge has yielded me a whopping 1 pound loss. A small loss is still a loss, I know, but it’s a bit disappointing after a six pound loss in the first week. I wonder how normal it is to see bigger initial losses and smaller ones in subsequent weeks? Anyway, as of today I’m 35 percent there to meeting my goal. Let’s see if I can overshoot it!

I have made a few small changes this week that will hopefully lead to better overall health and weight loss in the future.

Casual Exercise

I have started using my elliptical trainer more. It’s really hard to find the time for good workouts right now due to family dynamics, but once school starts, I have some workout time built into my daily routine. Until then, one thing I’ve tried to do is to jump on the machine (which is in our kitchen) while I’m waiting for something to finish cooking, toast to pop, etc. This is something that I used to do while I waited for my son’s bus to arrive. I figure that even a slow and easy few minutes on the machine burns more calories than standing around idle.

Also on the subject of casual exercise, I’m walking more and doing more things with the kids that get me moving around. The other day I played frisbee with my middle son, who sometimes does not have the best aim. The positive in this is that I had to run pretty hard to catch most of them. 30 minutes of that and I was really beat. Perhaps at some point I should start or join a neighborhood Ultimate Frisbee league.

I’ve been taking more walks with my three year old, and when his little legs can’t take any more, we finish our walk with him on my shoulders, giving me an opportunity to walk under load.

One weird thing I have noticed when I start to lose some weight is that I don’t know where to put my body sometimes. I’m used to it being a tighter squeeze when I’m trying to maneuver around the dining room chairs and such. I don’t know how to hold my arms — they feel like I’m holding them out too far from my body, but I know that it’s because there is less bulk in my mid section than there used to be!

I hope that I make it to Dad 2.0 Summit 2014 in New Orleans, and it much better shape.

That’s it for this update. I’ll work hard so that you will be seeing a lot less of me (literally) next week.

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