Chuck The Chunk – Week 4 Update

Chuck The Chunk Week 4 Update

Chuck The Chunk Week 4

Hello, fellow CtCers! I’m down 1 more pound this week for a total of 8 pounds since the start of Chuck The Chunk. I have not eaten as well as I could have this week, and have not been as active as I should.

Part of the challenge of exercise for me is being an autism parent. The need for routine works affects my exercise, and it actually should work to my advantage in the coming months. I’ll explain.

My step son, J, who I usually refer to as my son except when explaining the summer situation, has high functioning autism. He spends most of his summer at his biological father’s house and then spends the weekends with us. It’s much easier to slack off in terms of exercise when J is not with us. That’s my responsibility. I’d rather spend time with my wife than my elliptical.

However, during the school year routine, which starts next week kid-wise, I have built-in workout time due to J’s need for routine. There is a period of time each evening between putting B to bed and J’s later bedtime where I usually work out. I’ve done that for a long time and J expects that. He has his own activities in the evening, but he likes to know I’m there, and workout time is perfect for me.

Hopefully, this built-in cardio time will help me drop those pounds faster in the next few months. See you guys next check in. Bonne semaine!

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