Chuck The Chunk – Week 5 Update – Setback Week

Hi, CtCers. This week has been what I would consider to be a setback week. This the the first week since Chuck The Chunk started that I have actually gained weight. I gained one pound this week, which puts me at 7 pounds lost total out of my 20 pound goal.

It’s been a weird and stressful 7 days. I spent several days on the road with my wife, who is on a mini book tour, signing her first book and doing workshops in 5 different bookstores around Maine, with more bookings for future signings.

At one bookstore, I ordered fancy coffee at the cafe, and the barista said to the other, “He’s with the author, he’s all set.” It was so strange, but way cool at the same time.

While it’s really cool to travel with her, it means a lot of eating on the road, in coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants. I know that it is possible to eat well and travel, but it requires planning and I just did not have it together. Life at home has been hectic, too. The kids are getting ready to start school and we have done takeout a few times in the last few days.

Not much more to write about this time. Hoping for a better 7 days. Until next time, folks, have a great week. Check out some other dad bloggers participating in Chuck The Chunk. We are all supporting each other.

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