Chuck The Chunk – Week 6 Update

Fitness challenge has been the operative phrase this week, folks. And not challenge as in competition, but challenge as in obstacle. This week marks the second in a row where I’ve gained instead of lost. I gained two pounds this week. The reasons why are plain.

fitness challenge week 6 update front

fitness challenge week 6 update from front

It all comes down to willpower, and lately mine has been pretty poor. I have not been eating that well, and it’s been hard to avoid the temptation of the junk food that is in the house.

I know that when you are trying to get fit and healthier, the consensus is to avoid buying the junk food that creates the temptation in the first place. I would find that very easy, except that most of the other people who live in my household are not actively trying to eat better and are not interested in changing their diets at this time. It makes it hard.

The family has been doing take-out more that usual. Sometimes I “just say no”, and make a sandwich instead of eating the rich restaurant food with the rest of us, but sometimes I don’t.

The good news is that I’ve started working out more. Last night’s session was longer than I usually do. 61 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I’ve found that streaming a movie on Netflix on the computer makes longer cardio sessions easier to get through. I’m less likely to stare at the timer on the machine.

fitness challenge week 6 update from the side

fitness challenge week 6 update from the side

It’s also been incredibly tempting to weigh in every day to check progress. I know that you are only supposed to weigh in once per week to avoid obsessing. That’s where I have succeeded.

Until next check-in, here’s to better health and hoping to see a lot less of me.

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One Response to Chuck The Chunk – Week 6 Update

  1. Brian Edsell says:

    You van do it my man! Even if you do go out to eat with your family, make better choices and, if the portion size allows for if, only eat half and take the rest home. Thee are tons of tricks to help. Even just drinking a lot of water will help keep you feeling full so you won’t feel hungry when taking the other half of your meal home.

    Focus and get back on track. We’re all trying to do better.