Chuck The Chunk – Week 7 Update – Holding Steady

Hey, guys. This week I’d definitely put myself in the “Chunker” category as opposed to the “Chucker” variety. Good news is: I’m holding steady and standing by to get back on track. I broke even this week, seeing not weight loss but no gain either. It’s a small, albeit positive change from the last two weeks.

This has been a busy week, with all three of my kids going back to school. And that’s been really full of stress for different reasons. Two of our kids have some special needs. J has Asperger Syndrome and B has some sensory integration problems and a movement disorder. Our oldest is a senior and all the things that come with finishing high school are becoming very real for her and my wife and I. There is college applications, scholarship research, college tour plans, budgeting application fees, etc.

I’ve been cracking under the stress a bit and my diet has not been what it should be. I’m hoping to reverse that this week. I have been working on being more disciplined in my SAHD duties and household tasks, so I’m going to try to integrate my diet and exercise into that regime.

Until next week, happy Chucking.

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