Get A Resume And Get A Real Job

programmer's workstation

It’s becoming more acceptable to be a stay at home dad, but it is still pretty progressive. Maybe a little too progressive for some. While you might not give a sweet poo what anybody thinks about your choice to be a stay at home dad, at some point most of us have to deal with at least one friend or family member who thinks that it’s not quite right. My own dad asks me whenever I visit if I have any interviews lined up. When I tell him that my plan for right now is to stay at home with the kids, he ignores it and has a general “does not compute” attitude towards the whole thing. I’ve also had friends make snarky comments on my choice not to work in a traditional job capacity. My wife is a successful writer and author. Our bills are paid and our kids… read more

PVC Projects – A Series of Tubes

PVC pipes and pipe fittings made into a fence

PVC Projects I was perusing the learning store section of Barnes & Noble one day and ran across the coolest toy. There were several different sets of multi-configurable playhouse frames with covers to fit them. Holy cow, my smallest kid would love these. Then I remembered the enclosure I built last summer to keep the bikes out of the rain. There is a much cheaper, bigger, and cooler way to do this: PVC! And who loves playing with PVC and tools more than dads? The only things that could make it more manly would be meat and fire. Just kidding. Kind of. I’ve stumbled across several nice sites offering plans for hundreds of different projects, most of which can be made with just PVC, and others with minimal extra parts. That bike enclosure was made of a bunch of straight PVC pieces cut with a hacksaw, some joints and elbows,… read more

Man Cave – Dude, we don’t know any girls…

Man cave bachelor pad apartment with football on the tv

Bachelor pad About ten years ago, I left a terrible marriage. I left everything behind and got an apartment with my single-by-choice younger brother. He knew how unhappy I was and was excited about setting up the ideal bachelor pad, a true man cave. He began looking at vintage boxing decor and sports car posters for the walls. The bar was well-stocked and the entertainment center was re-equipped with surround sound for Playstation tournaments. In the middle of all of it came this exchange:   My bro: “This will be so great. We can have our friends here all the time and invite some girls over and drink and it will be awesome!” My reply: “Dude, we don’t know any girls.” SAHD Life – Feeling Isolated I’m sorry that I let the air out of that one, but it was true. What was also true, however, was the importance of… read more

Book review – The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin

The Everything Kids' Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin two stacks of review copies

Naked Egg Experiment. Scavenger Hunt. Nature Journal. Just a few of the fun things you will find All parents struggle sometimes to find things to do with their kids. The same old games and activities get so boring. Summer vacation means many more hours of time to figure out activities for. So how about a scavenger hunt or making a nature journal? How about learning about backyard science in a way that’s so fun, kids won’t even realize it’s educational, too. My wife, author Amanda Morin, got the promotional copies of her book “The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book” today. Published by Adams/F+W Media, it’s due to be released in stores August 18th. It is, however, available for pre-order now at all major booksellers. It’s packed with 145 educational and fun activities to do with your kids. The book explains the activities, materials needed, and the skills that will be practiced… read more

I’m A Fat Guy With A Bald Head

LEGO man lifting weights

I need to get into shape. When I was nineteen, I was ripped. I did a lot of manual labor, lifted weights, and got lots of cardio. Now I’m a fat guy with a bald head. Well, maybe not fat, but my spare tire is rather prominent. I won’t pretend that I will ever be in my nineteen-year-old-shape again, but I’ve really got to get healthier. I have crappy willpower when it comes to food and exercise. I’m pre-diabetic and I have a dietary plan, but it does not mesh well with the rest of the family’s eating habits, so it’s hard to stick to. It’s easier for me when I have a fitness and diet buddy, or when there is some competition involved. Competition Is Good Men are competitive by nature. Perhaps women are, too, but men will compete over the stupidest things. I’m reminded of the episode of… read more

570 Channels and Nothing On

TV antenna

Seriously. When we started looking at our budget and figuring out what we really needed and what could go, the first thing we set our sights on was our satellite provider. My wife and I watch 2 or 3 shows (several of them network programs), and the rest of our time in front of the tube is spent on entire series that we have on DVD or stream via Netflix. Our two boys watch PBS mostly. The only one who actually used the satellite was our teenage daughter. That’s a whole stack of money for a whole pile of nothing. Since the cable and satellite companies don’t offer an a la carte option, we began looking at alternatives. Netflix, which we already had, was only $7.99 a month. A Hulu Plus subscription was about the same. And Amazon Prime was only $79.00 a year. So averaged out, all three services… read more

New Dads – Your Hands WILL Wash

a child's muddy hands

Hand washing A friend of mine and his wife recently had a baby, their first, and he used a Facebook status update to ask for some last minute advice for a first time dad. He received lots of comments ranging from the profound to the ridiculous. My own bit of advice: “Remember: no matter what happens, your hands WILL wash.” It’s good advice, if I do say so myself. But despite my pithy, tongue-in-cheek reply, I had a bit of trouble with that one. Sort of. I became a father to a baby a bit later in life than a lot of my peers. Although I had had step kids, I had not gotten the chance to do the babyhood thing. So by that time there was not much mystery in a lot of the grossness that comes with children. It was also a bit of a surprise to me… read more

Are Stay At Home Dads Sexy?

a man and a woman flirting with each other

I have to admit, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to flirting. My wife says that she realizes how head over heels I was when we first met because she now knows what a crummy flirter I am, and how obvious I was with her. She’s also had to point it out on the rare occasion that a stranger’s flirtations come in my direction. I just don’t see it unless it’s blatant. We don’t really have a yard, so I spend a lot of time at the park with my 3 year old son. More often than not, it’s all moms and grandmas there with their kids. Sure, there is the occasional dad that shows up, but on on a day-to-day basis, I seem to be the only father in the lineup. I find that I’m usually regarded by the, for lack of a better term, “park moms” in… read more