Yahoo! Weather App For Android (Review) – Easy And Beautiful

Yahoo! Weather app running on Samsung Stratosphere II smartphone

Yahoo! Weather app on Samsung Stratosphere II

I have generally not been a fan of weather apps. I’ve used the app once in a while, and always ended up uninstalling it because I was not happy with the interface or the laggy response of the user interface. The new Yahoo! Weather app for Android devices changes things up a bit, though, and I’m keeping this one.

I tested Yahoo! Weather on my Samsung Stratosphere II Android smartphone and a 7-inch Android tablet (Kindle Fire modded with custom bootloader, recovery, Google services and Go launcher).

The Yahoo! Weather app, free in the Google Play store, is very easy to use and equally easy on the eyes. A lot of information is available on a single screen, which is really a nice change from apps which you have to click through multiple screens to find what you need.


Simply by swiping down on the main screen, you get:

  • current conditions

  • a 5 or 10 day forecast

  • details about the current day forecast

  • an interactive map

  • wind speed and barometric pressure

  • precipitation report

  • sunrise/sunset times and moon phase in a nice graphic

The information is nicely laid out and really easy to read, despite there being a lot of it.

For me, the most cool feature of Yahoo! Weather for Android is the location-based background images. Yahoo! has linked this weather app to flickr and pulls selected images of the current location that contributors have made public.

In some cases, a number of images are available, and you can switch between backgrounds by swiping left and right. I’m testing the app in Bangor, Maine, and there are two background images to choose from. It’s nice to have that personalized touch, kind of like the local news, but it’s dynamic if you have location based services enabled on your Android device.

The settings are straightforward, and all on one page, like the weather information in the app. You can sign into your Yahoo! account and integrate it with other Yahoo! services if you would like. The screenshot here shows the settings menu on the tablet, where all the options fit without scrolling.

There is not much I don’t like about the Yahoo! Weather app. The response is a tad laggy on my Stratosphere II, but it’s an older smartphone and the Weather app is new, so it may have been developed for faster devices. The 1GHz processor in the tablet handled the display overlay well with no response issues.

Well done, Yahoo!, well done.

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