#TBT quick post – Mommy’s book and Plae Shoes

B holding up The Everything Kids' Learning Activities Book

A quick #TBT post for you. From 2013, here is B, our youngest, holding up his mommy’s book, The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin. We found it on the shelves at Barnes and Noble, or as B called it, “Bornes and Novel”. And check out those Plae Shoes, which I did a review of several years back. Boy, time flies. Related Posts:PLAE Shoes – Free Shipping Through November 30thGo PLAE – PLAE shoes review | Cool shoes, good for developing feetMusic Monday ramblings and updatesBook review – The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin

Music Monday ramblings and updates

The Everything Parents Guide To Special Education: a complete step-by-step guide to advocating for your child with special needs, by Amanda Morin, published 2014 by Adams Media

Before I touch on any music-related stuff, I am proud to announce the release of my wife’s second book – The Everything Parent’s Guide To Special Education: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs. It will be available in bookstores starting May 18th, 2014, but the Kindle version is available NOW from Amazon. If you have a child with special needs and are struggling to navigate the special education system, or know someone who is having trouble, please consider buying this book. It’s written to be extremely parent-friendly while explaining all the special education law and terminology that is so confusing to so many people. I hate the term “game changer”, but I really believe that Amanda’s book will be just that. So anyway, we have two very musical children. Both also happen to have special needs. In the past few months, we have bought… read more

Book review – The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin

The Everything Kids' Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin two stacks of review copies

Naked Egg Experiment. Scavenger Hunt. Nature Journal. Just a few of the fun things you will find All parents struggle sometimes to find things to do with their kids. The same old games and activities get so boring. Summer vacation means many more hours of time to figure out activities for.┬áSo how about a scavenger hunt or making a nature journal? How about learning about backyard science in a way that’s so fun, kids won’t even realize it’s educational, too. My wife, author Amanda Morin, got the promotional copies of her book “The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book” today. Published by Adams/F+W Media, it’s due to be released in stores August 18th. It is, however, available for pre-order now at all major booksellers. It’s packed with 145 educational and fun activities to do with your kids. The book explains the activities, materials needed, and the skills that will be practiced… read more