Snapshots, special needs, and being a #HealthyDad

apple picking a family tradition

Thanks to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, who sponsored the campaign, for including dads in this important discussion about family health care. My views are based solely on my experience as a parent, and not as a medical professional. My wife and I used to talk about snapshots. Those are the frozen moments in time that we wanted to remember. They are pictures of reality that fit with our wishes and dreams, and when we saw them we had to capture them in our minds. There’s something unique about raising kids with special needs that never lets you forget those snapshots, and even remember them in different lights. In good times, you can’t seem to forget the difficult moments that you never thought you’d survive. And in the bad times, well, you always recall the good ones that keep you pushing forward. When your kid is falling apart and you… read more

Moxie & whoopie pies. Summer, I dub thee FestivalFest!

Whoopie Pie New England treat chocolate flavored with powdered sugar

New England, and Maine in particular, is big on the summer festival. Summer is short here, and Mainers like to take the opportunity to celebrate! Moxie, whoopie pies, and blueberry anything can be had along with lobster and clams in huge quantities. Some things can seldom be gotten outside of New England (see the aforementioned Moxie and whoopie pies), and some are just Maine tradition. I know people who send Humpty Dumpty potato chips to friends and relatives because they just can’t be found anywhere else. Festivals are a great way to spend time together, get out and enjoy the outdoors, and most of them can be done on the cheap. They are a great choice for family activities. I look at it as good parenting to shake things up a bit and spend some family time away from the usual routine of home. My somewhat offbeat and geeky family… read more

Non-traditional Family Traditions. And Yetis. And Bacon.

Yeti opens childproof medicine bottle cap and eats all the pills

I have decided to forego this Music Monday to announce a side project that my family has created. With the holidays in full swing, it just seemed to be the right time. More music posts next week. Our family is non-traditional in a lot of ways. This year, we started (on a whim) a non-traditional tradition of our own for the holidays — Yeti on the Shelf. You know that elf that people move each night and pose it doing cute things? That’s great, but it does not work for this family. My son got a Yeti doll the first time we visited Walt Disney World (the only souvenir he wanted), so we decided to pose that around the house instead. Our Yeti seems to get in a lot of trouble, and cause mayhem for the rest of us. It’s irreverent. Sometimes he’s just downright unsafe. Turns out, it’s a… read more