Pokémon Go – Ok, I get it now


When Pokémon Go was first released, my kids were immediately hooked. “Dad, you need to get Pokémon Go, you need to right now! It’s so awesome!” they would tell me. I was torn. Pokémon never interested me, at least not the card game or the cartoons. Did I really have the energy for this? I balked. I didn’t get Pokémon. I just didn’t. Whenever someone tried to explain to me how to play the card game, it was like they were speaking a different language. Of course, many of the explanations came from children, who I’m not sure actually got the rules themselves, so it was kind of a Calvinball situation. The explanations of Pokémon Go flummoxed me as well. Pokémon candy? Pokéballs? PokéStops? Poké what? Within weeks of release, the media was saturated with stories about this new craze, Pokémon Go, the game where everyone gets outdoors to walk… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 8 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hello, folks. Very short post this week. It’s been crazy with back to school and all and there has not been much progress on the weight loss front. I’m holding steady with no loss and no gain this week. Exercise has been better, diet has suffered a bit. No photos for this update — no point. In other news, I’m changing my RSVP status to Dad 2.0 Summit 2014 from a solid “probably” to a definite “probably not.” There is a chance that my wife and I might be able to get away together for our anniversary and that takes priority over Dad 2.0 as far as the checkbook is concerned. I’d love to meet a lot of the dad bloggers, but it’s just not in the cards this year. Maybe 2015. Until next week. See ya. Related Posts:Chuck The Chunk – Week 7 Update – Holding SteadyChuck the Chunk… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 7 Update – Holding Steady

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Hey, guys. This week I’d definitely put myself in the “Chunker” category as opposed to the “Chucker” variety. Good news is: I’m holding steady and standing by to get back on track. I broke even this week, seeing not weight loss but no gain either. It’s a small, albeit positive change from the last two weeks. This has been a busy week, with all three of my kids going back to school. And that’s been really full of stress for different reasons. Two of our kids have some special needs. J has Asperger Syndrome and B has some sensory integration problems and a movement disorder. Our oldest is a senior and all the things that come with finishing high school are becoming very real for her and my wife and I. There is college applications, scholarship research, college tour plans, budgeting application fees, etc. I’ve been cracking under the stress… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 6 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Fitness challenge has been the operative phrase this week, folks. And not challenge as in competition, but challenge as in obstacle. This week marks the second in a row where I’ve gained instead of lost. I gained two pounds this week. The reasons why are plain. It all comes down to willpower, and lately mine has been pretty poor. I have not been eating that well, and it’s been hard to avoid the temptation of the junk food that is in the house. I know that when you are trying to get fit and healthier, the consensus is to avoid buying the junk food that creates the temptation in the first place. I would find that very easy, except that most of the other people who live in my household are not actively trying to eat better and are not interested in changing their diets at this time. It makes… read more

Chuck The Chunk – Week 3 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Howdy CtC folks! As of the week 3 check in, this week the Chuck The Chunk weight loss challenge has yielded me a whopping 1 pound loss. A small loss is still a loss, I know, but it’s a bit disappointing after a six pound loss in the first week. I wonder how normal it is to see bigger initial losses and smaller ones in subsequent weeks? Anyway, as of today I’m 35 percent there to meeting my goal. Let’s see if I can overshoot it! I have made a few small changes this week that will hopefully lead to better overall health and weight loss in the future. Casual Exercise I have started using my elliptical trainer more. It’s really hard to find the time for good workouts right now due to family dynamics, but once school starts, I have some workout time built into my daily routine. Until… read more

Chuck the Chunk – Week 2 Update

Chuck The Chunk On The Road To Dad 2.0 Summit 2014

Greetings CtC-ers! Wow, this has been a hard week full of temptations, but I’m proud to say I’ve done well. I stuck to my diet, with only one day going over my calorie intake goal. That was a trip to Bar Harbor with my family, which always includes a lunch at Epi’s Pizza and ice cream at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium. One evening my family got Chinese, and boy it was hard, but I ate leftovers from the previous night and was better for it. Since last Tuesday July 30th, I’ve lost 6 pounds. I’ve made some changes to diet, water intake, and exercise I’ve decreased my caloric intake to 1900 or less per day. My food diary is on MyFitnessPal (handle regular_stormy). I could probably go lower, but I don’t think I could hack that right now. I have been doing simpler breakfasts and veggie sandwiches every day…. read more

I’m A Fat Guy With A Bald Head

LEGO man lifting weights

I need to get into shape. When I was nineteen, I was ripped. I did a lot of manual labor, lifted weights, and got lots of cardio. Now I’m a fat guy with a bald head. Well, maybe not fat, but my spare tire is rather prominent. I won’t pretend that I will ever be in my nineteen-year-old-shape again, but I’ve really got to get healthier. I have crappy willpower when it comes to food and exercise. I’m pre-diabetic and I have a dietary plan, but it does not mesh well with the rest of the family’s eating habits, so it’s hard to stick to. It’s easier for me when I have a fitness and diet buddy, or when there is some competition involved. Competition Is Good Men are competitive by nature. Perhaps women are, too, but men will compete over the stupidest things. I’m reminded of the episode of… read more