PVC projects to the rescue! Have a water fight!

PVC water cannons made with Instructables

PVC has always been fun for my boys and I to play with, and it came in really handy this last week of August in Maine, where the temperatures and humidity climbed quickly and we needed to find refuge from the heat. I remembered some Instructables I had seen, and together with a hack saw, miter box, rotary tool, some PVC, cement, and a few O-rings, dad and sons constructed a few water cannons to cool off with. Past PVC projects for this dad and sons have included a playhouse frame and some other structures. We also have a huge top-secret project going that I will most certainly blog about, but will not be finished until next summer. We’d also like to build a PVC trebuchet and a wicked PVC rocket launcher. Working with PVC is easy. It’s sturdy but fairly soft. If you don’t have PVC shears or some… read more

Hitting things with other things, and why my kids can’t have summers like mine

Fridge chart our four year old uses to help plan his day.

I read a great blog post yesterday, Top 10 Ways To Give Your Kid a 1970’s Summer on Mommypage.com. It immediately got me all nostalgic for my summers in the 1970’s and 1980’s. My siblings, my friends and I, we did 9 out of the 10 ways mentioned in the article. We did not really have a good movie theater where I grew up, so that one was out. Summers were filled with fun, freedom and dirt. They simply oozed sugar, sweat and late bedtimes. We stayed outside from morning until after dark, playing dodgeball and frisbee tag while simultaneously chasing fireflies. Our games were always made up, and often not all that safe by todays standards. As I recalled stories of those summers to our middle child, J, I came to the realization that a lot of the really fun stuff I did when I was a kid involved… read more